1950 Oldsmobile 88

above average
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Color: Orange
Interior: Orange/Black
Transmission: Automatic
Location: 53549, Jefferson, WI

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1950 Oldsmobile 88 Club Sedan Fastback I am on the second go around with this car. I will never forgetthe first time I laid eyes on it. I soon learned of its heritage. Irestored it. My friend bought it from me and I always missedit. Now it is back! I bought it from my friend in 2007.He has great taste for hotrods and this was a favorite. Itneeded to be restored. The interior was great, butthe powertrain and exterior were weak. Now it has a built 402Chevy, THM 400 transmission and a 1963 Olds differential. The bodywas stripped and refinished. No repairs were required. Thechrome was replated. New tires were installed and vintage wheels.The look is a combination of how Al Kvarme of Californiacustomized the car in the early 70s. When Al Kvarme completed thecar, it was featured in the January 1975 issue of StreetrodderMagazine. It has been in other magazines and was in Hot RodMagazine twice in the past few years. This car is a hotrod? It isloud, powerful and a treat to drive. It will draw looks and a crowdno matter where you go. It is capable of running 15 second quartermile passes. Yet, it is streetable. Other than needing mufflers, itis legal. The quality of this car is phenomenal. It has never beenrusty. The Kvarme customization is very tasteful. The currentpresentation is fantastic. You will be noticed!

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