1950 Oldsmobile 88

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"This Oldsmobile 88 came from a large collection that had beenauctioned off. Car is 85% complete. Has some body damage, mostlyrust damage. We do have the front clip that belongs to this car. Ijust didn't get any pics of it. No motor, transmission or title.This would make a great donor car!Please do not call asking for parts off whole vehicles.My phone floods with calls from guys looking for parts. Itsfrustrating. We are not a salvage yard. Parting cars leaves the guywho buys the whole car scrambling to find these parts that I sold.I will not do it!All vehicles are being sold in as-is condition. We donot warranty them. We do our best to give the most accuratedescriptions and will disclose any information we know about thevehicle. Keep in mind, these vehicles are over 60 years old. We didnot buy them new. They have been passed around several times, satin fields or barns for most their life span and been pulled aroundby who knows what. They are by far perfect! Please ask us for morephotos if you are unsure about the condition. Getting photos of theunderside of a vehicle is difficult as we do not have a carlift.Buyers can make payment at any time. For eBay customers,full payment is required within 48 hours of purchasing. After the48 hours, a case will be opened against you. We accept check, moneyorders, Paypal and all major credit cards. There is a 3% charge forall Paypal and credit card charges. If buyer is to mail a moneyorder or check, a tracking number (USPS or UPS) is required withinthe first 48 hours of purchasing. For non-eBay customers, anon-refundable deposit can also be made. A deposit will hold avehicle for 7 days. After the 7 days, buyer will lose deposit andvehicle will be held for resale. Buyer has 30 days from the time ofmaking full payment to collect vehicle, unless prior arrangementswith us are made. After 30 days, buyer will lose vehicle and anymoney paid. We do not refund money. We are not a storage facilityand need the space for new inventory. Like any other car dealer,once a car is paid for, its yours!Transporting vehicle is your responsibility. We canassist in finding transport and loading vehicle. We have askidsteer on site, but cannot drive the skidsteer onto theirtrailer or lift vehicle up. Please find a transporter that has aflatbed trailer and winch. Weve had problems with transporterscoming with double decker trailers. These arent the most suitablein hauling these old non-running vehicles.Some of our vehicles do not have titles. The titles werelost several years ago and the vehicles were abandoned. We canapply for and receive a title, at an additional cost, for a vehicleif its bought at full asking price. The process to receive a titleback from the Minnesota DMV takes between 6 and 9 months. Vehiclesmust be collected in the 30 day period, weather or not we do applyfor those titles. We then will mail the title to you.Thank youBackyard ClassicsThief River Falls, MN

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