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Customer Service: 2.8 Buying Process: 5 Quality Of Repair: 1 Overall Facilities: 5

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NOT thrilled
Joy F on 08/03/2016
Customer Service: 3 Buying Process: 5 Overall Facilities: 5

I bought a used car off this company about a week ago. As soon as I took it to the gas station, I discovered there was a decent sized hole in the gas tank- mind you I understand used car lots don't usually fill the gas tank, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and never contacted them about this issue. Well, when I made the deal for the car, I couldn't take it home same day because they said they had to service it. THEY mentioned that they will change the battery and a tire that had a leak. Great!When we picked up the car, they said they repaired the tire... fine.I just had the car sitting for 4 days (not a daily driver), and the battery is DEAD. I looked at the battery, it is NOT new like they said they put in! I am very disappointed with the quality of care this car received. I am not sure if they knew about the leaky gas tank or not, but the battery should be new as I was told it was going to be!

Home town dealer.
Jake on 06/27/2015
Buying Process: 5 Overall Facilities: 5

Bought our 17 year old son's first car here. If you are looking for a good car at a fair price, go here. Sam, Bobby, and Keith will take good care of you and treat you like family. Thanks

really fast communicating!
Gerard on 05/25/2014
Customer Service: 4

I'm In the process of trying to buy a car and they are really helpful. They're really understanding that my credit scores not the best and that I want to take some time to let it rise. They get back to you really fast!

Sales department never replied
Michael Anthony on 06/22/2013

I left a detailed message about one of their cars. I explained what I wanted for my trade and no one got back to me! Their loss

I receive great customer service, very friendly!
Loreemyrtlebeach on 05/20/2013
Customer Service: 3

I called and spoke with a lady and she was very helpful, said that she would have a salesperson to call me back, I received a call shortly after that and was told that the car that I was interested in was not available, he had taken a deposit on it the night before, also took my information and would call and see if he could find something similar to what I was looking for. Very helpful.

Not Very Customer Friendly
Sarah on 09/24/2012
Customer Service: 1 Quality Of Repair: 1

I called to inquire on a vehicle and was informed that the dealership had no access to repair shop and was selling cars as is. When I asked him what was wrong with the car he stated that he could not tell me. When I attempted to further inquire he hung up on me. If you want to buy a shell of a car with unknown issues by all means go here. If you like being hung up on and maltreated because of their own business practices by all means invest here.